That Love

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Only a fool could deny that there are many kinds of love.


There are the ones that give us valuable hindsight, years later, a hindsight that violently burns the portrait of the past that we once knew.

And when it’s gone, we’re left with lessons of what love looks nothing like. 

There are even the kinds of love we fight for, while really only fighting ourselves.


Because deep down we know love holds a grip over us all. 

It can make us feel crazy, spinning uncontrollably in screaming colour.


It can be gone as fast as it’s here.

And when we lose it, it dies over an amorphous period of time.

Love’s death is on its own schedule, until the final amber flickers and dies. 


But there is a love that holds the trump card.

Deep down, we all instinctively know its face.

Maybe we kid ourselves we’ve found it as we draw what we think it is, on a canvas in our mind.

Maybe we force it, like a square in a round peg.

But real love is never forced.


Then one day that undeniable love greets us. 

Our brain halts and we take a picture, a flashbulb memory seared into our mind.

Now that love, well it’s undeniable, unrelenting.

Its presence never threatening.

Its intentions require no questions. 

We immediately trust our intuition again and wonder why we ever doubted it all along.


So how do we find that love?

We can’t find it, it finds us.

And it looks exactly how we thought it would.

After time has had its way with us.

When hope eclipses despair. 


But most importantly, we find that love, with a willingness to let go.

To no longer fear falling, or wonder what fate could bring. 

To let go of our worst fossils and remember tears dry.  

Others were reckless with hearts but you promise never to be. 

We don’t know if love can truly save us.

But we know this love will surely try. 


And it writes us a happy ending.

From grey skies to sunsets that take our breath away.

Suddenly, we dream with newness.

The memories we hold dear and the many still to come.

The moments we experience while living, that could easily be worth dying for.


This love brings an overwhelming fluorescence that is blinding.

You can see it in total darkness. 

And you wonder how you could have dreamed about it, years before it even arrived.


And it looks exactly how it should.

And maybe you finally start to believe that everything is going to be alright.


So you start over again.

On a journey starting now until forever.

And you promise to fight for that love because you know you owe it everything.


It turned your dreams to your reality.  

And your reality…to a fairy tale.  

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